House to House Week 3 – Discussion Guide


Main Idea:   What would Jesus say to you if He had a dinner conversation with you?

Introduction:   We have a “house to house” hope that we will go from God’s house to the houses of people with whom God is calling us to share the Gospel.

Discussion Starter: Who is someone you would love to have dinner with (anyone in history) – sit down, ask questions, and pick their brain?


Primary Scriptures:  Matthew 10:5-15, Matthew 28:19-20, Luke 10:1-12, Romans 10:14-15, Acts 1:1-8

Discussion Questions:

  1. Most of Jesus’ life that we see in the Bible captures private moments He had with his disciples (and close friends). Imagine if we were a witness to those moments. How much more prepared were His disciples to go “house to house” sharing His message than we are today? Have you asked God how you are to fulfill His command to tell others of Him? Ask God to prepare you to share His message.
  2. Pastor Zac challenged us – What if salvation is not the ultimate goal? The goal is to be a part of bringing the Kingdom with you wherever you go. In Matthew 10 we see the disciples are first commanded to go to the lost sheep of Israel. In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus commands them to go to all nations. With whom and where are you commanded to share His message?
  3. Read Luke 10:1-12. Jesus asks His followers to be laborers in a field ripe for harvest. Do you see yourself as a worker for God? Where is your harvest field? Read Acts 1:8. Do you understand you have the power of the Holy Spirit to be His witness wherever you go? We cannot save anyone (that’s for the Holy Spirit). But we can listen to His prompting on where and with who to share the Gospel. Have you heard the prompt and said no? Even if you haven’t, it is hard to share your faith sometimes. What can make it easier to follow God’s prompting?
  4. Read Acts 1:1-8. Jesus gave His disciples one final command (with Matthew 28:19-20). Find people far from God and be a witness to them. Who in your life is far from God? We cannot assume anyone is saved or not – only God knows what is in their hearts. But we can see if someone is far from God. Write down at least one person with whom you can you share His story, your story, and what God has done in your life. Make a plan on how to start the process of helping that person get closer to God.
  5. Let’s recap the five ways Pastor Zac says we can go “house-to-house” leading up to Easter. First, serve someone this week. Second, who can you encourage in a Godly way? Third, ask Jesus what His purpose for you is and obey it. Fourth, pray to the Holy Spirit to lead your life, love, and longings and to be filled with Him. Finally, pray for “His Kingdom to come and His will be done.” Make a plan to do all five things this week.


Suggestion: Consider breaking the group into twos or threes for this section.

Read Romans 10:14-15:  Often we wait for someone else to share the Gospel, when Jesus makes it clear the message of salvation is for all. The Gospel is for all to hear. That means it is everyone’s job to share it, otherwise how will the lost hear the message? Pray for BOB – burden, opportunity, and boldness. We must have the burden for the lost who are going to hell, opportunities to share with those God has placed in our lives, and the boldness to share His message of love, redemption, and forgiveness.