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I’m so glad you decided to check out our Faith Promise Online campus! Everyone is welcome and invited to be a part of the Real Love movement we have going on here in Tennessee and around the world.

What to Expect

Just watch right here on this page, or hop over to our Facebook page or YouTube channel to watch live with a growing community of people exited about the Real Love movement here in Tennessee. Whether you’re in a place where there isn’t a Faith Promise campus yet, or you’re traveling, at home sick, or just want to watch again with friends, this is the page to access all things fpOnline.

And parents, we even have fpKIDS services online too, so you can set your kiddos up with a super fun and engaging experience with music and teaching just for them!

So sit back wherever you’re watching, enjoy the message from one of our wonderful pastors and awesome worship from the fpWorship team, and be sure to connect with us before or after your experience by clicking the connect button below.

-Micah Stephens, Online Campus Pastor