See what God will do through your giving.

Ways to Give

  • TEXT

    Text the word “GIVE” followed by any amount to 865-409-0600.

    e.g. “GIVE $100”


    Each campus lobby has an ATM-like kiosk where you can give securely by credit/debit card.


    You can always give by check or cash in a giving envelope, which can be found at every location, and deposit it at the offering area. We are not passing around buckets at this time until further notice. You mail also mail in your envelope to your Faith Promise location.

We are financially independent

The ministry impact of our church is completely funded through the generous gifts and tithes of our congregation. Faith Promise is not affiliated with or supported by any corporate religious denomination.

We are making a difference

Each time you give, you’re helping those who are in need – clothing the poor, responding to disasters, and providing shelter to the homeless, building orphanages, caring for children and funding world missions to spread the gospel from here in our corner of Tennessee to the far reaches of the earth.

We are reaching more communities

Your financial gifts through our annual Heart for the Harvest offering campaign are key in our effort to launch new campuses, see exponential growth, and produce changed lives.

The Real Love movement called Faith Promise is filled with a fertile history of the faithful sowing and reaping of lives changed, through rich seasons of harvest. For more than a decade, Promisors have gone above and beyond to support the vision of helping real people with real problems find real love in Tennessee and around the world.

For the future, we’re dreaming for even more of God’s favor and greater fields for planting in communities across Tennessee and with global initiative partners around the world.

There are no limits to all God will accomplish through even the tiniest seed offering of faith. This confidence is not based on our abilities or available resources, but is rooted solely in God’s mercy and might to multiply and build His Kingdom through His faithful people.

Even in seasons of uncertainty and unrest when our fortitude, foundations, and faith are tested, God will remain faithful and bring a harvest of restoration, provision, and healing beyond our wildest imaginations.

We are daring to believe our God’s calling and faithfulness to us are as constant as the sun. And even when rain clouds form or when night darkens the horizon, we believe when God’s love shines, He will bring life to every seed and row and field and community where we have planted.

For every home and every heart we plant, the seed of God’s real love will grow. No matter what is going on around us, we believe God is calling us to sow in this season so He can reap in the next.