Missions at Faith Promise

Opportunities abound for us to lend a hand, say a prayer, give a hug, and be the hands and feet of God’s love in our communities and around the world.

Love Local

Some of the real areas where we can help real people are: human trafficking, racism and prejudice, addiction and suicide, homelessness, and mass incarceration. We are trying to make a difference in those areas through our partners, who are listed on our Love Local page. View our local partners for more local opportunities!

Go Global

Each year, our church plans multiple international mission trips. You can find information and details by selecting a trip below. All donations made to Faith Promise Church to support mission trips are fully tax deductible, and all mission trips are subject to partner and country approval near the time of intended travel.

We also engage the world around us by sharing the hope of Christ in tangible ways. Click the button below to find several opportunities to serve our community though our global missions partners.

Our Missionaries

At Faith Promise, we are proud to have five families who have felt the desire to GO Global and to reach Real People who have Real Problems experience God’s Real Love. If you would like to learn more about our Faith Promise Missionaries, click the button below.

Upcoming Mission Trips