Christmas Unwrapped Week 3 – Discussion Guide


Main Idea:  The gift of Frankincense is a reminder of a promise.

Introduction: This week Pastor Zac preached on the gift of frankincense that the Magi brought to Jesus.

Discussion Starter: Frankincense was not common—it was holy and set apart. What traditions do you have to set Christmas apart as a holy season?


Primary Scriptures:  Exodus 30:34-38, Matthew 2:1-12
Discussion Questions:

  1. Read Exodus 30:34-38. Why do you think God asked that the incense be treated as holy? What objects or times do you treat as sacred?
  2. Read Matthew 2:1-12. The magi fell to the ground and worshipped Jesus. When was the last time you felt truly awed and floored by God—by who He is, or by what He has done? How do you connect to God best in worship? Through songs of praise? Through enjoying His creation? Through still, quiet times of prayer? How can you make time for that worship this week?
  3. The magi gave gifts of great value to Jesus. What gifts are you giving to God? We can give of our time, our talents, and our treasure. We can give through shepherding and caring for others.


Suggestion: Consider breaking the group into twos or threes for this section.

Pray for one another as we enter the last week before Christmas. Pray for safety for those traveling. Pray for those who may be lonely and missing loved ones this season. Pray for opportunities to share with family and friends about Christ and how He has changed our lives.