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On April 16, Faith Promise held a healing experience during our regular services, and God’s work was incredible across all campuses. Many were liberated from sin, pain, and guilt, finding healing from physical and emotional struggles. God touched thousands of lives during that powerful weekend. One remarkable story came from Ashley, who sought healing for carpal tunnel syndrome. Through prayer, her wrist pain lessened, but numbness persisted in her pinky. Yet, through persistence in prayer, her hand filled with a tingling sensation, like electricity, bringing complete relief. She has joyfully reported being completely free of pain. The impact of such experiences reminded us of God’s loving presence and willingness to move supernaturally in our lives.


Charlie and Jamie Jones from our Farragut Campus felt called to launch a microsite at a RV park in Maynardville, TN. Microsites are locations where people can gather to watch services together and build community inside of homes, office buildings, or other community spaces. In June, they held their first service and saw people come and experience God through this creative strategy. There is growing excitement in the RV park that God is doing something new and more people are coming every week. As we strive to equip Christ Followers starting with 1% of TN, we will need to utilize new strategies like Charlie and Jamie did in Maynardville.

In the last three months, our church's global mission footprint broadened in transformative ways. We sent mission teams to six countries, including our inaugural mission trip to Montreal, Canada. Teams supported our FP missionaries in South Africa, St. Kitts, and Costa Rica. We also sent a team with Back2Back to an orphanage in Mexico and partnered with 410 Bridge in Kenya. These trips allowed us to share the gospel with diverse cultures and connect with our global family church family.

Locally, our church has continued to support community initiatives. The North Knox campus hosted the KnoxWorx Graduation in May. We also made financial donations of $10,000 to Emerald Youth Foundation for their upcoming school year, as well as supporting local organizations KICKO and FOCUS. As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to using our resources to positively impact our community and win our world at home and abroad.


What an amazing quarter we had as 302 people completed Next Steps and joined the Winning Team. In addition 58 more people completed Next Steps and will be joining the Winning Team in the coming weeks.

New Winning Team members!

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