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After the tragic and unexpected loss of her husband less than two years ago, Victoria found her way back to Church. If you open yourself up to hearing God’s prompting, He will meet you in your time of need. Her story will leave you inspired to take the next step in your faith journey.


Do you find yourself wondering how you can truly love people and make an impact? Carla’s story will inspire you to look at the world around you and seek out your next step in loving people. Carla took this step after she realized that countless people in her community were living unseen and unloved. She took the simple step of praying with the homeless, and it grew into a ministry where she is leading others to make an impact in their community.

Over forty people representing four FP Campuses went to Williamsburg, Kentucky. The group helped a homeless shelter, completed some service projects, and hosted a youth rally with nearly five hundred attendees. A team that went to Israel and North Africa supported and encouraged our undisclosed missionaries who work in the Middle East with unreached people groups.

We also provided $10,000 to Send Relief for help with the earthquake that impacted Syria and Turkey. New local partnerships include the Christian Hospitality Network which provides missionary care and Renew Clinic which provides Christian-based rehabilitation patient care.


What an amazing quarter we had as 144 people completed Next Steps and joined the Winning Team. In addition 79 more people completed Next Steps and will be joining the Winning Team in the coming weeks.

New Winning Team members!

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