LIFE + H4H – Discussion Guide


Main Idea: Miracles glorify God, demonstrate the compassion of God, and draw people closer to Jesus.

Introduction: This weekend we kicked off our Heart for the Harvest (H4H) season and began our 21 days of prayer. We are believing for miracles, provision, restoration, reconciliation, healing, and freedom. We spent time in prayer at every campus asking for God’s favor.

Discussion Starter: Take a few moments and reflect on a time when you experienced the favor of God in your life. Was it a moment of restoration, healing, or a miracle? Share about this experience with one another.


Primary Scriptures: Mark 2:12, Mark 1:40-42, Luke 7:22

Discussion Questions:

  1. How do miracles glorify God? What evidence do you have of this in your own life?
  2. Read Mark 1:40-42. In Scripture, the leper cries out to Jesus and asks Him if He is willing to cleanse him, to make him clean. Jesus shows His compassion by replying, “I am willing; be cleansed.” The Lord has compassion for us and is willing to meet our needs beyond what we can imagine. What miracle do you need to take to Him in prayer?
  3. Read Luke 7:22. Pastor Chris told us that miracles draw people closer to Jesus. What miracles have you experienced in your life that you can share with others? How can we include the miracles the Lord has performed in our lives as we tell others of Him in hopes to draw them closer to Him?


Suggestion: Consider breaking the group into twos or threes for this section. 

Read Mark 1:40-42. We are designed for community. We are not meant to do this life alone. The Lord is ready and willing to shower us with His favor and provide miracles in our lives. Spend time sharing with one another what you need in your life. Do you need healing? Do you need financial provision? Do you need restoration within a relationship? Once you have shared, spend time praying for one another.