Family Games Week 5 – Discussion Questions


Main Idea: Bringing the Kingdom of God into our lives and homes.

Introduction: This week, Pastor Kyle continued our Family Games series by giving us 5 moves we can make to allow God to reign (rule) in our lives and homes.

Discussion Starter: In what areas do you feel like God reigns in your life and home? Are there areas in your life or home that you’ve not allowed God to reign?


Primary Scriptures: Ephesians 2:4-6, Ephesians 6:12, Mark 9:25

  1. Read Ephesians 2:4-6. Have you ever thought of yourself seated with Christ in heavenly places? Discuss the authority that this gives you. Do you feel like you walk in that authority? If not, how can you begin to?
  1. Read Ephesians 6:12. The list contained in this Scripture (spiritual rulers, authorities, and spiritual forces of wickedness) gives us a clear picture of the devil’s allies. How does this change your view of the battles that you are currently facing? How can this knowledge change the way that you pray?
  1. Read Mark 9:25. Is the idea of demonic spirits something that you are open to? Why or why not? Do you believe you may have experienced a demonic spirit in yourself or someone you know? Explain.


Suggestion: Break into small groups of 2 or 3 for this section.

Read Matthew 6:9-13 (The Lord’s Prayer).

Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes for the authority you have in Jesus. In the Name of Jesus bind and rebuke any demonic spirits that may have a hold on you or your family. Pray for God’s reign in your life and your families that you will carry the reign of God everywhere you go and that others will recognize it. Pray that what God desires in Heaven will happen in your life, at home and on earth.