Deadly Doors Week 2 – Discussion Guide


Main Idea: The enemy is coming. Winter may be near its end for the year, but the enemy’s attacks never cease. He comes to steal, kill, and destroy us.One of his most often used methods of guerilla warfare is sexual immorality. Regardless of his method of attack, we have access to God’s grace and protection as sons and daughters.

Introduction:  As the new year is well underway, let’s be mindful of all that God has blessed us with. Let’s celebrate what God has done in our lives, and be mindful that the enemy is not pleased by our spiritual peace. We must be prepared for when Satan attempts to disrupt, distract, and destroy us, our faith, and our relationships.

Discussion Starter:  The enemy is known for his repeated attacks. He attacks Christians over and over again with the temptation of sexual immorality. Take a moment and consider some ways that he attacks us with this particular poison. Consider the time of day, whom we’re around, and what activities we’re engaged in, when this temptation strolls into our minds.


Primary Scriptures: 1 John 2:16, Luke 21:34-36, Revelation 17:2

Discussion Questions:

  1. Read 1 John 2:16, Consider what other things may be stumbling blocks in our modern world—things that puff us up, but do not edify us. Knowing that the enemy has several methods of attack, name some things that DO edify us in Christ. What thoughts and ambitions can we aim to achieve that glorify God?
  2. Read Luke 21:34-36. After God saves us, we are born again into a new life with Christ. In our new lives, we are given new hope, new strength, and new abilities, but even in our strength, the enemy waits in the shadows for an opportune time to tempt us with our own weakness. Pornography is more readily available today than ever before, and the temptation to view it affects both men and women. What are some methods to avoid the use or temptation of pornography?
  3. As human beings, we all share the common issue of lust. Don’t be fooled, however; lust isn’t always sexual. Lust, as defined by Pastor Chris, is the desire, craving, longing, or desire for what is forbidden. We tend to lust after lots of things: money, power, sex, etc. Lust, much like sexual immorality, is one of many tempations we fight as Christians. Think among yourselves about some things you’ve lusted after in your life. How can we defeat this temptation?


Suggestion: Consider breaking the group into twos or threes for this section.

Come together and lift your hearts to God. Ask Him to reveal Himself in your midst and to speak to each of you. Ask Him to work within each of you; to show what plans He has for you and what individual steps He wants you to take in your walk of love and faith. Pray similarly for others, that God may multiply protection from the enemy and may grant renewal of the mind and spirit amongst His sons and daughters.

Consider ways to protect each other in prayer. We’ve been given a shield of faith, but how best can we use it? Every son and daughter, Gentile and Pharisee, liberal and conservative, needs Jesus. We all share the same Father, and He’s more than willing to grant us His protection, wisdom, and discernment. Equipped with these spiritual tools, we can stand against the fiery darts of the evil one. Pray for the state of Tennessee and the city of Knoxville as God increases His Kingdom and pours out His Spirit across our land, protecting, providing, and co-laboring with us as seed is sewn across the home He’s given us.