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The Big God Story Book

(This post was written by Gina McClain, Director of Children’s Ministries)

The Big God Story is a children’s story book designed to take the well-known stories of the Bible and reveal how they tell a bigger story of a loving God who made a promise… and kept that promise.

My initial impression of the book was skepticism considering the details omitted in order to accomplish this writing.  You simply cannot reduce the story of Joseph and his brothers to one page without leaving out significant portions.  But as I’ve read this book to my kids a few times I understand that the benefit gained is a perspective of Scripture in our lives.  It is apparent that the author, Michelle Anthony, intentionally chose to tell this story in such a way that reveals how the Scriptures connect in an overarching theme.

So many times we can read Bible stories to our kids with little connection to our lives other than a moral application.  And though the moral application is good, it sells Scripture short.  One of the greatest things I can teach my kids is…

  • To look at the Bible for the Grand Story that it tells of a loving God Who made a promise & kept it.
  • To look at our lives through the lens of Scripture and the Grand Story it continues to tell through us.

I’ve enjoyed this book and will continue to read it to my kids.  In fact, I’m planning to get a few copies for gifts this year.

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