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Financial Freedom Group, Chase What Really Matters, Starts this Sunday

Don’t miss this last opportunity of the year to walk through the ins-and-outs of managing your financial picture to achieve financial freedom. No one wants to be held hostage.

Here’s a story of the change that is possible:

I was reluctant at first to go since it was my wife’s idea that we should go. I was not interested in giving her the upper-hand. Not at all! Prideful as could be! I’m glad she did. It helped bring to the surface things we both had different opinions on when it came to regarding the use and value of our money. It helped me realize I was not being the great steward of our money God had instructed us to be. It helped us put petty things aside [we] would argue about when it came to money. It helped us realize the value and purpose of money and how if you let money be the determination of what you get out of life, than you really aren’t in control and you will be destined to lose in the end. If you are questioning the time spent doing Chase What Really Matters class, … it absolutely is worth your time, and … it doesn’t cost you a dime. … You’ll have a group of people that will understand things you may have not been comfortable enough to bring up anywhere else. It has without a doubt … enriched our life and plans for the future!

Montae and Sara Bates

Join us on Sunday, October 24th at 11:45 am in Room 222 on the Pellissippi Campus to get the information and support you need to make a change in your financial future. You can help by letting us know to expect you.

If I Had A Million Dollars…

Complete this sentence… If I had a million dollars, I’d ___________. That question, posed by the Barenaked Ladies and answered in a comedic song, undoubtedly brings to mind long-awaited vacations, new cars, and other trinkets. But perhaps a better question is, “What would you do if you if money were never an issue?” Can you even imagine financial freedom, or is it a fairy tale?

Chase What Really Matters is a group experience where we share how families can become debt-free and allow them to fulfill their true God-given purpose. You will learn to:

  • Develop a plan for your life
  • Prepare a cash flow plan that actually works
  • Eliminate debt through debt stacking
  • Capture the POWER of compound interest
  • Calculate the amount needed for retirement
  • Start investing, saving, and giving back

Just imagine living in freedom. Connect in this group on Sundays at 11:45 am on the Pellissippi Campus. Contact Dan for additional details.

There’s no financial cost to participate, so make the time investment, and begin taking steps towards financial freedom.

Financial Management Class

Watch the video below for information on our upcoming Financial Management class.