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Fasting Is More Than A Diet

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Fasting means many things to many people. For some it could be a set time of no food/bland food. For others it could just be a nice time to start dieting…thinking “ehhh, I could afford to lose a few pounds”. But for me, fasting means something so much more than eating different foods or hitting my goal weight.

It wasn’t until last year when I decided to fully commit to fasting. I had a long list of prayer requests and, quite frankly, I almost doubted that denying my body of what it wanted and praying about it could really change so many things in my life. To my surprise, one week in, God had already begun to answer prayers left and right. Prayers for my family and their prosperity. Prayers for my school transfer. Prayers for my future. The weirdest, and most miraculous thing is that He has not stopped answering those prayers from LAST YEAR.

Fasting to me isn’t only about God being faithful in His promises to hear us when we call on His name but it is about focusing in on our relationship and showing Him just how much He means to me. He sacrificed so much for me and even though there is no comparison to that, it’s nice to say I will deny my flesh for Him.

Written by: Katie Lattimore, Worship Ministry Intern

Adventurous Faith


(written by John Adams, Blount Campus Worship Leader) I have a very adventurous spirit.  I love trying new things and having new experiences.  This works perfectly in the relationship I have with my wife because she loves capturing memories through photography and scrapbooking.  Food is something I especially love trying new things with.  New restaurants, new recipes… I remember the first time a friend took me to a Jamaican restaurant, Wow!!!

 What’s cool is that I have realized that my adventurous spirit applies to my relationship with God as well.  I was raised in a very traditional Baptist home, and adventure was far from the focus when discussing Christianity.  In fact, my understanding of religion seemed to condemn the new and adventurous aspects of life.

 As I’ve grown spiritually, God has shown me an incredible path of seeking after Him in ways I never have before.  In fact, this is where I have found I honor Him the most.  Hebrews 11:6 says that “…without faith it is impossible to please God…” and James 2:14 says “…faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”  

 There is a lot to say about fasting: its origin, purpose, requirements etc.  Some can be agreed on by most people, other will be debated forever.  One thing is certain: God tells us to fast, and His Word tells us that great things can be accomplished through fasting, some only by fasting.  If anyone has a thirst to know God more, be used by Him in greater ways, and seek after Him with a boldness that will lead to great adventure in His Kingdom’s purpose, then Just Do It!  Put action to your faith and please God.  The rewards are amazing!

Heal My Land


(By Dillan Howell, Worship Associate) Over the next 40 days, we as staff on the Worship Team here at Faith Promise Church have been challenged to go out of the ordinary, be a little different than most by taking some time to fast. 

Fasting isn’t something that I do often and it definitely isn’t something that I’m good at.  I like to eat!  I like to eat a lot.  In fact while I write this I’m starting to think, “Man, I’m hungry.”  But what if we were called to be a little different, what if we were called to stand out from the ordinary?  Good news…we are!

2 Chronicles 7:14
“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Being a part of a worship ministry is a big deal.  We share usually just as much as stage time as our Pastor and we carry the same message as our Pastor, but present it in a different way, obviously through music.  Why do we so often believe that our Pastor is the only one who can face spiritual warfare and distractions to keep him from ministry?  Well, because that’s what Satan wants us to believe.

Over the next 40 days I will humble myself down by not eating any red meats.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to ask for my steaks well done and my burgers cooked all the way through!!  It means anything that comes from a cow I’m not going to eat.  Reason why?  I love to eat cow. Not exaggerating it’s honestly one of the only things I eat!  By not eating cow it’s going to weaken me and force me to rely on God.  There are times I’m going to be tempted, what do I do?  I pray for God to take the temptation.  I’m going to find myself talking with God a lot more and I’m going to find myself begging God to heal my land.

I challenge you.  I challenge you to find something that you rely on and give it up.  In return I pray that you find yourself replacing that desire with prayer, replacing it with God.

My goal would be that as a worship team and as a church we can find ourselves weak, but strong in God by constantly seeking him, and trusting that he will heal our family, heal our schools, heal our work places and initially heal our land.

10 Things to Know Before You Fast


10 Things You Should Know Before You Fast

 1.       Headaches, bad breath and run-down feelings are signs that the fast is working     

a. During a time of fasting the body purifies itself and feeds off of impurities and pollutants in your body.  After approximately 3 days the headaches will begin to cease. After approximately 5 days the hunger becomes minimal.

2.       Fasting will NOT impair the health of a healthy person 

a. With wisdom and caution throughout history, fasting has been a prescribed method for healing and medical purposes.
b.  Please take into consideration certain medical conditions and consult your physician if you have questions

3.       Fasting increases a person’s faith 

4.       Drink plenty of fluids!!!

a. Suggest drinking a gallon of water a day to help in the cleansing process
b.  Use purified water

5.       Fasting is constant intercession before God

6.       Fasting strengthens your inner will & discipline

7.       Focus on the Word of God

8.       Pray specifically

9.       The victory often comes after the fast is over

10.  Use wisdom and caution when breaking a fast

a. Break the fast with easily digestible foods

Types of Fasts


I have not departed from the commandment of His lips; I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food ~ Job 23:12


Excerpt from Jentezen Franklin’s Book “Fasting”:

What is fasting? Since there are so many misconceptions about it, I first want to clarify what fasting, biblical fasting, is not.  Fasting is not merely going without food for a period of time.  That is dieting, maybe even starving, but fasting it is not.  Stated simply, biblical fasting is refraining from food for a spiritual purpose and replacing that time you spend eating with praying. Fasting has always been a normal part of a relationship with God.  As expressed by the impassioned plea of David in Psalm 42, fasting brings one into a deeper, more intimate and powerful relationship with the Lord. When you eliminate food from your diet for a number of days, your spirit becomes uncluttered by the things of this world and amazingly sensitive to the things of God.


Scriptural References to Fasting:

  •       Matthew 6:16-18 says “when” you fast
  •        Matthew 9:13-15
  •        Matthew 17:21
  •        Joel 1:14, 2:12
  •        Acts 13:2-3
  •        Acts 14:23
  •        Isaiah 58:4-8
  •        2 Chronicles 20:3
  •        Hannah seeking the Lord 1 Samuel 1:7
  •        Nehemiah 1;4, 9:1
  •        David Psalms 35:13, 69:10, 109:24, 2 Samuel 12:16
  •        84-year old widow – Luke 2:37
  •        Paul – Acts 27:9


There is not a real formula to help determine which type of fast or the length of the fast that is right for you.  This is determined between you and God depending on your circumstances and what you’re seeking Him for.  Don’t get crazy & bogged down in the details!  You may want to begin with a one-day fast from sunrise to sunset.  You will be amazed at the difference a one day partial or normal fast will make in your life.

There are three types of fasts found in the Word; the absolute fast, the normal fast and the partial fast. 

  •       The absolute fast is where you take in nothing – no food or water.  *this is extreme and should be done only for very short periods of time.  Please always take into consideration your health
  •        The normal fast is where you typically go without food of any kind for a certain number of days.  You should drink water and plenty of it!  *Depending on the length of the fast, you may also choose to take clear broth and juices in order to maintain your strength.
  •        The partial fast can be interpreted in many ways – usually involves giving up particular foods and drink for an extended period of time.  *most common partial fast is the Daniel Fast

 Examples / References of Fasts:

40 Day Fast:

  •        Moses when he received the 10 Commandments Exodus 34:27-28
  •        Joshua fasted 40 days
  •        Jesus fasted 40 days Luke 4:1-2

21 Day Fast:

  •        Daniel

14 Day Fast:

  •        Paul

7 Day Fast:

  •       Valiant men of Israel – 1 Chronicles 10:12

3 Day Fast:

  •        Esther called the Jews of her city to join her for a 3 day fast Esther 4-7
  •        Peter fasted 3 days
  •        Paul

40 Days of Prayer & Fasting

40 Days for Web

During these 40 days of prayer and fasting we really want you to seek the face of God regarding your personal walk with Him.  Our desire is for you to emerge out of these 40 days with clear direction, confidence in your calling & your purpose being refreshed, renewed & revived to run the race with endurance.

We are going to SOAP the Word during these 40 Days.  Sound weird? 

Sscripture focus

Oobedience factor


Ppraying through

*this is just a tool to help you as you study the Word

Our scripture focus as we start off this week is Isaiah 58:1-8

  •       Why are they fasting? [“is it?” phrases *NASV]
  •       What kind of fast does God desire? [“is it not?” phrases *NASV]
  •       What does it require?
  •       What is the outcome?

 Action Points for this Week:

  •        Determine which biblical fast you’re going to do (Check out the blog tomorrow for a list!)
  •        Determine an act of compassion you can do at some point during the 40 days[when, where & how] (The Missions office can help you with ideas)

 Meditation / Proclamation / Memorization:  Isaiah 61:1

 Suggested Tools:

  •        Journal your journey (Jentzen Franklin has an awesome 21 day fasting journal that I strongly recommend)
  •        Facebook (Faith Promise Worship) and twitter (@fpWorship) 
  •        Blogs:  http://blog.faithpromise.org
  •        Online Prayer Forum:  [email protected]
  •     Join Weekly Text Group (Text “WORSHIP” to 75309)


Church-Wide Fast

Pastor Chris has called Faith Promise Church to a week-long fast beginning Thursday morning, March 18, and continuing till Wednesday evening on March 24.  Alternatively, some people may opt to begin their fast on Friday morning, March 19, instead, and then break the fast on Thursday evening after the first production of Sacred Storm March 25.

The focus of this fast is primarily to pray for people in this city and throughout the United States who will come into contact with the message of Jesus Christ through our Sacred Storm and Easter services – both here on our Pellissippi Campus and our Internet Campus.  Pray that God will bring transformation to people’s lives – shining the truth of His Word, breaking through the darkness, and setting people free.

What exactly do you mean by fasting?

In the life of the Christian, fasting is giving up something as an act of devotion to Jesus.  Most generally, fasting involves giving up all food and only drinking water or juice for the duration of the fast, but some people will choose a variation of this – eating no solid foods, eating only fruits and vegetables, or giving up a particular kind of food for the duration of the fast.

Fasting is a spiritual discipline that every believer should have in their lives.  Jesus did not say “if you fast.” He said “when you fast.” (Matthew 6:16)

How can I keep from thinking about food all the time?

During the first few days of the fast, it’s natural to think about food more often than normal.  Your body will tell you that you’re starving to death, but you’re not.  Instead, you’re breaking the patterns of eating that your body is accustomed to.  Try to use these hunger pains as an opportunity to focus your mind and attention back toward God.

Each time you find yourself absentmindedly thinking of food, make the conscious decision to remember God and pray to Him.

Isn’t it wrong to let people know that you’re fasting?

Jesus clearly warned people against drawing attention to themselves when fasting (Matthew 6:1-18), so we must be careful as individuals not to try to impress people through our actions; we’re doing this for God, not for people.  Even still, there are many times throughout Scripture when God called groups of people to fast collectively – together demonstrating their dependence on God.

For more information, click here.