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The Only Thing That Matters

(This post was written by Gina McClain, Director of Children’s Ministries)

We host our next Child Dedications on November 20th & 21st.  Each time I lead families through a dedication, I’m reminded of my own dedication experiences with my kids.  Kyle and I stood before our church each time with resolute sincerity.   We were (and are) committed to demonstrating for our children that the greatest thing we can do with our lives is to follow Jesus.

At our oldest son’s dedication I’ll never forget this one nugget of truth…

“100 years from now, the only thing that matters is your child’s relationship with Jesus.”

Eleven years later, that statement has never left me.  It has a way of providing pristine clarity and really cutting through to what’s most important in life.

The purpose of the Child Dedication experience at Faith Promise church is to give parents the opportunity to make a promise before their church family.  That promise is simple.  To do everything they can to teach their kids that the only thing that matters in life is following Jesus.

And we teach this truth not with our words… but with our actions.  We love God with our whole heart so that our kids learn how to love God with their whole heart.

Are you ready to participate in a Child Dedication experience?  Pick up an application at the Information Desk, or print your copy hereApplications are due November 8th.