Register Early for MVMT 2023
July 28 – 30th

Desciption of event will go here


6pm-7pm – early check-in at your campus

FAQ   Have questions? We have answers (hopefully)!

Simply put – MVMT is our summer conference for students (rising 6th graders
through graduating 12th graders).

MVMT is hosted at our Pellissippi campus!

We know that not all students thrive in that setting so we are removing the
pressure and allowing you to decide what will make MVMT the best experience
for you. A slumber party for 1 or 20, totally up to you!

We will miss your student while they are away, but we understand they may
have other important commitments. You will need to complete a time away
form and be in communication with your student’s small group leader in the
event that anything changes.

– Bible // digital or physical, you’re going to want one

– Clothes // check out the schedule for a list of all of the Moments and events.

– Lanyard and wristband // you will receive these when you check-in!

– Saturday lunch and dinner

– Snacks and drinks throughout the weekend

– Swag pack – wristband, lanyard and booklet

– Telos Bible

Picture this: glowing lights, silent discos, laser tag, games and of course food!

Giddy up and get ready for square dancing, bull riding and having a good ole time chowing down on some favorites from the wild wild west! Yeehaw!

*all students under 18 will need to have a waiver signed by a parent to ride the mechanical bull

The Amazing Race is a journey around our world racing through challenges as a team. They will use clues to lead them from destination to destination and complete tasks to receive their next clue.

We would love to answer them! just email [email protected]

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