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Welcome to our Middle and High School Resources! Here you will find relevant blogs pertaining to the culture we interact with, vital day to day resources that help you lead and parent your student, as well as a vault of resources to help you understand how to have hard and relevant conversations with them.  

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Seasonal Resources

Parent Cue Podcast: Why You Need to Talk About Race with Your Kids 

3 Ways to Teach Your Kids About the War in Ukraine

The Right Way to have the “Talk” 

Talking with your Kids about Dating and Relationships

Everyday Resources

FpStudents Series Devotional

Looking for ways to engage your student during our current fpStudent Series? Check out the YouVersion Bible App Devotional that goes with our current fpStudents series.

No Perfect Parents

Looking for a way to Parent and Guide your Student through a tough phase? We recommend chapters 8-10 of No Perfect Parents to help you make your home the haven they run to, and know when to push in and when to give freedom to your student. 

What if Jesus was Serious? 

Theology can feel like a tough topic to discuss with your student. But, what if we told you it didn’t have to be difficult? Your student and you will love this thought-provoking, theology based book to create great conversation at home!  

Generation Z

Do you ever look at your student and wonder why they think what they think? Understanding a different generation can be challenging, even if you have raised them their whole life! If you are trying to understand how your GenZ student sees the world, we recommend looking into this resource. 

Still Looking for Resources? Check out our vault of resources below that were created to help you connect with your child!