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Welcome to our Preschool Resources! Here you will find relevant blogs pertaining to the culture we interact with, vital day to day resources that help you lead and parent your child, as well as a vault of resources to help you understand their development.  


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Seasonal Resources

Practical Discipleship for the Busy Mom

Four tips to help busy moms be more like Jesus

Easter Activity

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Encouragement

Everyday Resources

The Monster Series  

Is your preschooler struggling with fear, frustration, contentment or worry? We recommend the Monster Series to read together! This series also has a parent edition to help you know how to help your child continue processing these emotions!

The Beginner’s Bible: Preschool

Even your littlest preschooler can begin learning about God through His Word! If you’re looking for a great way to introduce your Preschooler to the Bible, we highly recommend the Beginner’s Bible!

Baby Believer Series

Are you teaching your baby about counting, shapes, animals and movement? Here’s a great way to start incorporating Faith into everything they learn!

What do I do with worry?

Is your preschooler struggling with worry? Here is a great book to read with your child that helps us remember to give our worries to God.  

Still Looking for Resources? Check out our vault of resources below that were created to help you connect with your child!