We are dedicating the whole Summer to learning ways to get our families Back in Rhythm.

Building healthy rhythms is the key to having your whole family in sync and creating a beautiful symphony. Every event is an opportunity to be together as a family and gain insight to be better equipped for when the busyness of the new school year begins.

July 18th

Hear from author Toby Slough about Parent with Purpose when it comes to mental health.
Childcare is provided.

July 22nd

An opportunity for the whole family to invest in your community

August 13th

Check out different group options to fit into your rhythm through our Group Finder!

August 13th

Join us for weekend service designed for your whole family to learn how to build healthy and effective rhythms as you start the new school year!

We have created resources to help your family to make the most of the time you have!

Below you will find the Purpose Podcast, an article to help you parent with mental health in mind, a playlist to groove to when you’re out and about and ways to create a rhythm within your prayer life. With these resources, you are set for a new season!