Easter is a season to embrace peace and purpose! During Holy Week, we’ll discover ways to live it out, helping you to grow and connect more deeply with God and others. Let this week be the catalyst for change you’re looking for!

What is Holy Week? It’s the last week Jesus spent on earth before his crucifixion and resurrection.

Holy Week holds a special place in the Christian faith, marking the most significant moments of Jesus Christ’s final days. The week begins with Palm Sunday, celebrating Jesus’s grand entry into Jerusalem, where crowds welcomed him with open arms. It continues throughout the key events of Jesus’ final week – commemorating the Last Supper with his disciples, his earnest prayers in the Garden of Gethsemane, and Good Friday, reflecting on his sacrifice through crucifixion. The week concludes with Easter Sunday, a joyful celebration of Jesus’s resurrection and the victory of life over death.

This was truly the most important week in human history. For followers of Jesus, it’s important that it’s not just a story we tell every year, but a invitation to grasp the depth of God’s love and engage with the transformative power of Jesus’s journey. It speaks of God’s enduring hope, boundless love, and the promise of new beginnings.

Join us as we explore these pivotal events through our daily devotional posts! It’s a journey that promises to be enlightening and inspiring, and who knows? It might just inpsire you to be the change in your world.

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