Next Steps for Kids

Our desire is to partner with parents in helping them to soundly determine when their child is ready for baptism. The Baptism Class is the tool we use to provide this filter for parents.

In our Baptism Class, we will discuss the plan of salvation & the purpose of baptism in an age-appropriate, relevant way. As we interact with your child through conversation, we want them to articulate the following:

  • Profession of Faith - The ability to state when and how they crossed the line of faith
  • Why Baptism - The ability to state why baptism is important to them

When a child can accomplish these two things, parents can move toward scheduling their Baptism.

When a child is unable to articulate these things, parents are provided a resource to help them as they take more time to explore the topic with their child.

To participate in the Baptism Class, click the 'Salvation/Baptism Class' link to the right.

For more about baptism, click here.


  • Talking to Your Child About Salvation

    Click here for a series of questions you can ask to explore whether a child is ready for a decision of Salvation.

  • Talking to Your Child About Baptism

    Click here for a series of questions you can ask to explore whether a child is ready for the step of Baptism

  • Register for the Baptism Class

    Does your child still have questions about Salvation? Are they telling you they're ready to be baptized? All kids Kindergarten to 5th grade participate in our Salvation/Baptism Class prior to baptism. We cover basics such as The Plan of Salvation, the Purpose of Baptism and other details.

    This class includes a Parent Connection where we connect with parents/guardians. We want to help you look ahead at what you can do to help your child establish an active faith in Christ. click hereclick hereclick hereThis children's class is not offered on our UT Campus..