I am so excited for you! This is the first day of a brand new journey with God. I love that you’ve chosen to believe in the amazing miracle of Jesus’ death and resurrection and the life change that comes from following Him.

If you haven’t completed the first step – baptism – we’d love to invite you to do that now! Baptism is a sign that Jesus gave the world, and even He started His ministry by going through it. It’s a great way to show the world about this incredible decision you’ve made to trust and follow God! Click here to contact your campus pastor about scheduling yours! It’s a great way to kickstart your journey.

Like most things, this journey works better if you have someone alongside you to help you. So for the next seven days, we want to give you tools to grow. These are simple spiritual steps that are the key to unlocking a walk with God that will have deep impact. If you commit to taking these steps daily, you’ll see changes in your family, your relationships, your school or work, and your community. You’ll grow in your mental and emotional well being. And most importantly – you will learn what it takes to fulfill your full spiritual potential and make an eternal difference on this world.

It’s our privilege to equip you on this journey. I love you, the people of Faith Promise love you, and we’re excited to see all that God can do through you as you grow in Him.