You’re Nothing But A…


When I hear people on my volunteer team say something like…

“Well, I’m just a volunteer”

…it makes me cringe inside.

In fact, it bothers me so much I’ve toyed around with changing the name.  I know many kids ministries that refer to their volunteer force as



Cast Member


Oh Glorious Giver of their Time
actually I just made that one up but it could fit nicely on a name tag 🙂


In the end… the title Volunteer is one that most people understand.  So it’s the one we use.


But there’s an important clarification to make.

You see, all of us have the choice to invest our time in certain things.  It’s just a question of where we choose to invest it.  Volunteers in kidmin choose to invest their time in kids.

Maybe it’s serving on our Security Team, as a Storyteller, or a Small Group Leader.  No matter how much interaction you have with the kids, your time is invested in kids.

Your time is invested in creating an environment where they are safe, known, loved, encouraged, challenged, inspired, awed… by the love and presence of our Heavenly Father.

So, please don’t tell me you are just a volunteer.

You are taking part in the work God is doing within and beyond the walls of the church.