World Refugee Day

Are you or your small group looking for a fun way to get involved in serving in your local community? Are you looking for a family friendly way to get be Jesus’ hands and feet right here in your own back yard? The Bridges Refugee Services is hosting a World Refugee Day and they need our help. The event will be held at the Bridges Refugee Offices at 3839 Buffat Mill Road from 6 pm-8 pm on June 17.

The Knox County Association of Baptists will have a booth and need our help. They will have 1,000 DVDs of the Jesus film. Each DVD has the option to choose one of 24 languages to listen to the film in and to choose subtitles in each of these languages.  This should cover all the languages they anticipate being at the event that day.  They will have a few clowns around to draw attention to the booth and welcome them in to visit.  And of course there will be lots of candy.

Ways you or your small group can get involved:

  • We need 2-4 people who are willing to strike up conversations with the individual refugees. Not all of the refugees will speak English but we want to smile, try to talk to them and give a friendly welcome to all. This team will work at or around the booth area engaging people in conversation, learning a little about them and then offering them a gift of the Jesus film.
  • We want to encourage as many of our church families to come and just participate in the Event alongside internationals.  We need the community to be there welcoming and sharing with the refugees. These one on one conversations or playing a game together help refugees feel welcome and build opportunities to befriend.
  • Pray throughout the week for this event.

If interested in learning more or signing up to be a part of this event, email [email protected].

You do not have to register to attend or to serve. If you would like to help at the booth though, we do ask that you let us know so that we can pass that information along to our contact at the KCAB.