Will You Follow?

Through out our lives we are trained to be leaders not followers. As kids and teenagers we were told that it’s far better to lead than to follow. As adult we are encouraged to blaze a trail and lead the way towards the American dream. Even in our work place we are encouraged to be great leaders. In all those areas I believe that it is important to lead not follow. I also know that there is one area of our lives where we must develop the discipline of following or we will fail in all other areas of our lives.


As believers we must learn to follow the Holy Spirits lead in our lives. The challenge is that can be very difficult to do because often the Spirit will lead us to things that we don’t want to do or that are difficult to do. Sometimes it’s hard to follow because it’s easier to brush off the spirits leading and dismiss what He is telling us to do.


This week I had a lunch meeting with a friend. While we were eating I noticed a lady in the booth next to us and for what ever reason my heart just broke for her. I had seen her walking from the car repair shop just down the street from the restaurant before we came into the building. She was eating a very small side salad and had a glass of water. I felt the Spirit tell me to pay for her lunch.  I discretely asked the waiter to come over. I told him to tell her to order whatever she wanted for lunch and inform her that it was already paid for and then bring me the check.  I asked him to tell her that God loves her.


I would like to say that I quickly acted when the Spirit nudged my heart to be the good Samaritan and pay for her lunch but that was not the case. I struggled with the decision for several minutes and almost ignored the Spirit. I don’t know her situation, name, or anything else about her just that the spirit asked me to be faithful and follow His leading. I am thankful I did and here is why. I believe the more faithful we are in following the Spirits leading in our lives the more we are able to hear Him.  As followers of Christ that’s what we are supposed to do…follow.


So as a parent, or teacher, or lawyer, or cashier, or whatever you role in life, will you follow the Spirits leading in your life?  I pray that you do and as we all start being obedient to his leading the world will start to look a little more like Jesus.