Wild Love Prequel – Discussion Questions

Main Point

Who are you bringing to Easter at Faith Promise?

Start the Conversation

Did your family celebrate Easter when you were growing up? What was your favorite part of the celebration?


This week we saw a sermon that Pastor Chris recorded on location in Jerusalem, the City of God. He spoke of two topics that most impacted his Christian faith as a new believer: Hell and the second coming of Christ. He prays for us to have a biblical burden for those who are far from God. As a church we are praying for 20,000 people to attend one of our 40 Easter services.

Encountering God through Bible Study

Read Matthew 24:29-31.

1. Many translations put a heading over this passage: The Glorious Return. Discuss how God’s power and glory are shown in these verses.

2. Consider verse 30. Why do you think all the tribes of the earth will mourn?

Read Matthew 24:32-41.

3. Verses 32-35 compare the signs of Christ’s return to the signs and changes we see in plants in the spring. Why do you think God gives us such signs? Do you find it comforting?

4. In verses 36-41 we see a contrast to the previous verses. Although there will be signs of God’s coming, those signs will not give us an exact time and date for Christ’s arrival. Why do you think no one but God the Father knows the day or the hour?

5. How is waiting for Christ’s return like the days of Noah? You can find the story of Noah in Genesis 6-8.

6. It is easy to be distracted by the present things of this world and lose focus on eternity. What distracts you?

7. How can we balance the demands of day-to-day living with our call to live as children of the light and spread the gospel?

Read Matthew 24:42-51.

8. Verse 44 says that we should be ready. How can we be ready?

9. Read verse 48 again. Can you relate? How?

10. Because we do not know the day or the hour, it can be easy to lose a sense of urgency in preparation for Christ’s return. How do we keep that urgency?

Embrace others in Biblical Community

Pray for each other. Pray that we would be burdened for those who do not yet know Christ. Pray that we would not become complacent in our current life, but that we would have an eternal focus.

Expand God’s Kingdom

Who can you invite to Easter? Do you know someone who is alone? Perhaps you know a widower or a couple who have recently become empty nesters. Maybe you know a college student who can’t afford to head back home for the holiday. Can you make room for them at your Easter dinner?

Leader Notes

We encourage groups to try the Discovery Bible Method as an alternative to these discussion questions. You will find details for this Bible study method here. For this week, please study Matthew 24:29-50.