Why Camp?



(This post was written by Michael Wallace, High School Pastor)

The summer season for fpStudents brings the largest and most involved experiences that we do all year long: camp.  When it comes to resources, time, energy, focus and missed sleep, camp is a massive endeavor that we essentially plan for all year long.

Now, your initial response to those two sentences may be, “that sounds like fun” or “well, good for the kids” but camp goes way beyond simply having fun or even being something to do during the heat of summer vacation.

There are a lot of “fun” things that happen at camp.  Our camp takes place in Myrtle Beach, SC where students can swim in the ocean, hang out at the pool, tackle the 65’ water slide, compete at outlandish rec activities, and enjoy staying up late for crazy parties and competitions.  I can pretty much guarantee that any student who comes to camp will have the time of their life!  But that’s not why we do camp.

We put on camp, expend the resources and work our tails off for a 6 day experience that draws students closer to the heart of the God who loves them.  fpStudent Camp is designed to meet students where they are, strip away the barriers and walls that have grown around their hearts and allow them to see God for who He truly is.  Through worship services that are loaded with creative and relevant elements, small group discussions and one-on-one interactions with adult leaders, we create environments where students can have raw and honest communication with and about God.

When I think “why camp?” I think of Josh, Colby and the dozen other students who made the decision to get baptized at camp and have gone public for the last 12 months in their relationship with God.  I think of the pouring out of God’s spirit that happens with we collectively call on Him during the worship services during and after camp.  I think of the friendships that are forged and not forgotten. I think of the mentoring and searching for God’s will that continues long after the buses return from the beach.

In short, when I think of “why camp?” I think of life change.

As a part of the Faith Promise community I appreciate your involvement in making camp possible.  Your consistent giving and prayer helps create this 6 day experience that makes a difference in eternity for this generation.  Thank you.