When The Wheels Fall Off…

One of the recent Q&A questions from our You Asked For It series has stuck with me for the past several days.  If I remember correctly, the question went something like this…


What if I make a decision that I think is in line with God’s Will yet everything seems to fall apart?


I think all of us are asking or have asked that question at some point in our lives.  And at it’s very core, this question is rooted in a fear of making a mistake. 


For me personally, I can be easily trapped by the fear of making a mistake.  My role as a parent only amplifies that fear.  It’s one thing to make a decision that harms me personally.  It’s another level of frustration and pain when I make a decision that harms those I love the most.  So my goal is clear… Don’t make a mistake!  It’s that simple, right?


The funny thing about that goal is the high probability that I WILL make a mistake.  Why?  Because I’m focused on the wrong thing.


In my great efforts to prevent mistakes my focus moves away from God and onto me.  I shift into a self-centered mode that leads me further and further from my Heavenly Father. 


But when I look to God as the One who orders my steps, fills me with wisdom and gives me clarity in the midst of uncertainty, then I can trust that no matter what is happening around me, I am centered in His will. 


You see, ultimately His will for me is that I choose today to ‘yoke’ myself with Christ and walk in step with Him.  As I do this, then my circumstances cease to be the measuring stick to reflect how close I am to the will of God.  But rather my centered spirit filled with the fruits of His Holy Spirit are the evidence I look for to determine if I’m within His will.