What’s Your Story?

(This post was written by Evan Crass, Associate Pastor of Groups)

I love a good story. Few things require my attention in the same way as a captivating story. And the story doesn’t just have to be funny. It could also be dramatic, romantic, or even tragic. But it does have to include action and some sense of change to keep me engaged. Think about it – all the best movies, books, and Broadway shows include a story that portrays change.

I have a story. While it hasn’t been made into a blockbuster or even made-for-TV movie, I have a story. I enjoy telling my story because it allows me to be known. My story can also impact someone else’s story.

I’m not the only one with a story. Kenny found friends through playing softball through a fp-sponsored team. When the team captains were forced to step down, they tapped Kenny on the shoulder to lead the group. Most importantly, it was in this group where Kenny was able to ask questions that led to his baptism this past weekend. And his story is just beginning as he is mentored and pursues his relationship with Jesus.

Matt and Tina attended a weekend at fp before connecting in a community group. Matt isn’t a Christ follower while Tina is, yet both have found friends in a group that loves them. The most obvious change in their story is they are now pregnant after many previous and costly attempts. Yet change is also occurring at a level beyond the physical too, and the end of the story isn’t yet written.

So what’s your story? Change is occurring around us but it is most exciting when it is shared with others. Share you story in the comments below or send them to me so we can be known by each other and help write others’ stories too.