What’s The Center?

This past week in FP Students we challenged them to live out Philippians 2:15 this year in their schools. Our prayer is that this year they really do shine like stars in the midst of a culture that doesn’t love God. In order to do that Paul tells us that we must hold tight to the word of life and that is Jesus. Jesus has to stay as the center of our life, the foundation that everything else is built on. The challenge is that life tries to throw things at us to take His place as the center of our lives. From homework to sport, work or even our friends, everything fights to take that place of center in our lives.


As this new school year starts how are you individually and as a family keeping Jesus as the center of your life and building everything else on that foundation?  It’s critical and you have to be strategic and intentional about it or it won’t happen. Let’s keep Christ at the center of our lives and families, and as we do we will shine like never before for the world to see Jesus alive in us.