Week Two

Have you ever sat back and thought about how comfortably we as Americans live? I mean, think about it. We have SO much stuff it’s almost sickening. And yet many of us aren’t happy. I’ve been blown away by how God has shown me this week that seeing the brightness in every situation is the BEST way to live.


This is JaMario, but everybody calls him stone. He’s in an orphanage with about 30 other kids, and he’s a little different from them. But boy oh boy does he smile, laugh, and have a good time. As soon as he hears his name, his face gets bright and he throws his arms in the air for you to lift him up. I learned very quickly that although he can’t speak or really communicate clearly, he mimics whatever you do and he does it with the BEST little attitude. He also is very giggly and VERY ticklish. He’ll brighten your day with one look.

This week I also met a man named Ruval at the infirmary. For those who don’t know, in each of Jamaica’s parishes, there is a government-funded infirmary. You see, Jamaica is a very relational culture. Families take care of each other. So, if you become old and/or sick and don’t have the money or family to take care of you, you end up in an infirmary. It’s basically Jamaican hospice. You’d think that everyone in an institution like this would be depressed, but that is not the case. I talked to Ruval for the first time and I was quite surprised and impressed with him. He has poor blood circulation in his hands and feet, so he can’t walk and his hands are nearly unusable. He also has severe diabetes and cataracts to the point where he is blind in one eye and losing sight in the other. Nonetheless, as I sat down to talk to him, he started quoting scripture and telling me how thankful he was for his circumstances and where he is, because it could be worse. He told me how grateful he was and how good God is for using him in such a place.

Did you read that? Can’t walk, can hardly see, and his cot and phone are his only personal belongings. And he is THANKFUL and praising The Lord! Jesus was shining right through him that day, and that was the last thing I expected.

This week was awesome. I wish I could explain how fully I lived. The team that was here was just so sweet and had such servant hearts. One man in particular, Chuck, pretty much heard my whole life story one day at lunch. Just because he took the time to invest in me and pick at my heart. These little things are what mean the most!

The Lord has so sweetly shown me this week not to take things for granted. Whether it’s my time here, my circumstances in life, or having someone pour into me, He really has blessed me.

– Katelyn Kleinhans