We Believe in Miracles:Preparing for a miracle

Preparing for a Miracle

1. What do you believe makes a miracle, a miracle?

2. Have you ever witnessed a miracle?  What happened?

3. Pastor noted that in scripture that people often prepared before great movements of God.  Pastor requested everyone prayerfully consider the following ways of preparation…
a) Whatever God says to do, DO IT.
b) Fast and pray.
c) Get on board.

How do you prepare for a miracle? How can we prepare for the Miracle Weekend?

4. Pastor stated “obedience gets God’s attention”.  In what ways can we be obedient?  Name one way you personally can be obedient or improve in your obedience?

Scripture verses:
Acts 1:8
Romans 9:1-3
Matthew 28:19
Acts 2:41-47
Genesis 11:6