Watch and Learn












Watch and Learn

When I was young I was given chores to do.  One of them was to clean the bathrooms.   So I would wipe down the sink, clean the mirror, wipe down the bathtub and then the worst part – the toilet!  So I’d clean it and tell my mom my chores were done so I could go do whatever it was I needed to do.  Mom would come look at the bathroom and rattle off a list of things I missed (how did those spots get way up there on that mirror any ways?!). So I’d do the things she said, with the best attitude I could muster, and call her back so she would “sign off” for this week’s cleaning. After careful inspection she would pick up the rag herself and show me those icky bolts at the bottom of the toliet and underneath where the bowl of the toliet is (I don’t even want to know how stuff gets there) and she would clean as she would “remind” me of these places that I neglected almost every week.  Now at this point I probably should have just listened and nodded my head like I got it; however, my normal reaction was anger fueled by pride that she didn’t like the way I had done it and frustration of knowing I should have done it to begin with. After all, she should be grateful for a daughter that she could make do things around the house. It wasn’t until I had children that I fully understood what it was like to have to teach and oversee tasks that had to be done. If only they would listen and do it right the first time. I’m sure my mom thought the same thing.

I was reading through Ezekiel and came across a passage that came off the page to me. God became angry with the shepherds of His people and took the sheep away from them and said He would shepherd them Himself.


In Ezekiel 34:11-16 this was what God said He was going to do as the Shepherd of His people:


1.  I’m going looking for them – I’m going after my sheep.

2.  I’ll rescue them from all the places they scattered to during storm.

3.  I’ll bring them back to their home.

4.  I’ll feed them.

5.  I will make sure they get rest.

6.  I’ll go after the lost.

7.  I’ll collect the strays.

8.  I’ll doctor the injured.

9.  I’ll build up the weak ones.

10. I’ll oversee the strong ones.


As I read through these actions og God, I began to think of particular sheep, circumstances, and situations.  It also reminded me of the needs of the sheep that can get lost as we press on to the next pasture.

As a shepherd it made me examine the way I shepherd my flock.  Was I taking care of my sheep – do I do the things that He showed me how to do as the Great Shepherd?

It’s amazing that God’s Word is living and active for our lives today; it’s amazing how something written thousands of years ago to a misplaced, disowned Israel, can be applicable to me today.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want Him to have to come in and do the job He gave me.