Wanna do missions in Jamaica?!

Hey guys,

Brad Ervin, Missions Pastor, writing to you here.  Once of the most exciting things that has happened at Faith Promise this year is that God is raising up young couples to follow His leading into full time overseas missions!  This means that these couples are ready to give up their jobs, their homes, their American Idol, their Starbucks, and the conveniences of being close to their families.  They are willing to do this because they are so smitten with the absolute immeasurable love of their Heavenly Father that they want to go and share that love with a hurting, dark, and lost world.  What an adventure!!

One way we at Faith Promise can help them is by getting the word out about what they are doing, why they are doing it, and how others can partner with them in ministry.  Please read the post below from Ben, and if you feel led, give them a chance to come share about the work God is doing in their lives with you.  Have a blessed week!!


Ben in Jamaica

“What are you doing right now in your life that requires faith?”

Last year we were reading a book with our small group, and that question was asked. I thought about it, and I realized that throughout my life there haven’t been many times when I have really been pursuing something that requires faith. That changed last November.

My wife Krista and I have spent a lot of time in Jamaica on mission trips to the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf (CCCD). CCCD is a residential deaf school for children in Jamaica who wouldn’t have access to appropriate education otherwise. CCCD’s mission is that no child will leave without a language, an education, and knowledge that Jesus is Lord. In fact, because of those trips, Krista decided that she wanted to work with the deaf as her career. She went to college and got a degree in deaf education so that she could teach the deaf. Last November I was talking to a good friend who is involved with CCCD. He expressed a need that CCCD had for missionaries. Krista and I applied, and we were accepted to join staff.  Krista will be working in the classroom, and I will be leading work teams who are there for mission trips. We know that God has been preparing us for just this. It’s exciting to be taking a step of faith. We know that without God we won’t make it to Jamaica.

CCCD is a very small organization, and because of that there are many things we need to do on our own. We are responsible for raising 100% of our own support. This money will pay for our insurance, housing, food, plane tickets, etc. Right now we are in the process of raising support to cover costs to get down there and costs once we’re there. We know that we need both God and fellow believers’ prayer and support to get down to Jamaica. We invite you to partner with us!

Check out bkbeukema.org for more information on us, CCCD, and giving.   We would LOVE to come in person and share our story, our vision, and let you know how your small group or family can partner with us!  Thank you so much!

In Christ,

Ben Beukema