Updraft: Week 4

Week 4

1. Dr. Claude stated what we think about God affects every aspect of our lives. How do you see God? Of what do you think when you think about God?

2. We must understand the heart of God. The parables in Luke 15 provide insight as Jesus shares three stories of the lost – a coin, a lamb, and the prodigal son. How is God’s heart displayed by the father in this parable? Describe his actions.

3. The father valued his returning son so much that he willingly gave up his dignity and his wealth. When have you been like the prodigal son? Share the story of a relationship where you received forgiveness and blessings you did not deserve.

4. When have you been like the father? Share the story of a relationship where you have loved unconditionally or have forgiven when the other person has not deserved it. What are the costs or risks involved to loving others in this way?

5. Our culture is focused on performance to such a degree that love and acceptance are conditional. How can we begin to appreciate God loves us simply because we are? Describe a time in your life when God’s love has been shown to you in a way that further reveals this truth.

Scripture verses:
Luke 15
Romans 5:6-8