Updraft: Living By Faith

Living By Faith

1. Share a story where you were unwilling to take the next step. Do you regret your decision?

2. George Mueller defied conventional wisdom in establishing and funding an orphanage. What role does conventional wisdom play in decision making? How do wisdom and faith conflict or support each other?

3. Jesus trained his disciples to depend on him by asking them to follow him. In what area of your life have you felt God ask you to depend on him?

4. Similar to Jesus’ disciples, our lives flip flop between acts of faith and failure. Share a story where you exhibited or witnessed great faith followed by failure.

5. Pastor Josh mentioned three reasons why we don’t have faith. 1) We don’t believe God is who He said He is. 2) We are full of pride and unable to look past ourselves. 3) And we are cynical and filled with unbelief. To which of the three are you most susceptible? Why?

6. Waiting on God develops our faith and dependence on Him. When have you waited on God?

7. The father, described in Mark 9, was a believing unbeliever who asked Jesus to help his unbelief. For what do you need God to help you depend upon Him?

Scripture verses:
Isaiah 40:31
Hebrews 10:38
Hebrews 11:6
Ephesians 6:16
Mark 9:14-24