Unveiling The Canvas

I keep a weathered and worn composition book with my Bible and other books for the sole purpose of scribbling down story ideas, poetry, sketches, and Scriptures that hit me the right way. In the time that I’ve kept this notebook I have built up a nice variety of content, and while I intend to use every word of everything written at some point, I regularly read through and reference the Scripture I have scrawled on each page. Not surprisingly, a lot of this Scripture comes from the Psalms. As a fan of poetry, I feel that these Psalms are masterpieces, not only because of how well they are written, but because of how moved I was when I realized these writers were using the artistic talents our LORD gave them to praise His wonderful name!

With this in mind, my wife and I want to invite artists of all mediums to join our small group, The Canvas. With each graphic we design, with each stroke of our brushes, and with each edit we make in a video, praise goes out to the One who gave us these abilities. We not only want to share these amazing feelings with others, but we want to give others a place where they can share their praises in an environment surrounded by like-minded people.

If you feel like your type of art isn’t appropriate for such a group – chances are it will be a perfect fit. We are artists of many mediums. We want to reach out to others, whether their creativity comes in the form of short film making, abstract painting, screenwriting, tattooing, or even hobby musicianship. No form of art will be dubbed too “safe” or too “extreme.” The environment created will be one where artists can truly be themselves and present some of their own work, favorite works of others or simply thoughts, ideas, and opinions on creativity. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen each other through the group and push ourselves in our creativity to raise the name of the One who gave us these incredible abilities – bringing us closer together, forming bonds that will strengthen the faith of our small portion of the Church, the Church as a whole, our community, and even the world.

Interested? Contact us or search for “The Canvas – Faith Promise” on Facebook and get connected!