Unstoppable Week 3 – Discussion Questions


Sometimes a miraculous touch from heaven requires us to boldly come out of the crowd in faith.


Does being singled out in a crowd thrill or terrify you? Do you like to be the one called up on stage or not?


This weekend Pastor Chris continued in our series, Unstoppable, by addressing the faith it takes to boldly step out of the crowd and ask God for miraculous healing. He taught on the passage in Mark that includes Jairus, who wanted Christ to heal his dying daughter and the miraculous healing of the woman who had been bleeding for 12 years. Pastor Chris introduced us to their family’s new little mustard seed, Isabella Grace Pezzulo, who was born a week ago. Her birth was against all odds according to the medical experts. Faith and Frankie were told they could never conceive a child and were advised to start the adoption process. They boldly asked God for a miracle, and when they were not granted a child, they boldly asked again during the month of miracles a year ago. They chose not to trust the doctors’ reports based on physical findings, but they chose to trust God, who specializes in the impossible! They did not lose faith! Right after the birth of Bella, the family’s faith was challenged again when Bella faced serious breathing issues that required her to be whisked away to the NICU at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital for a five-day stay. What a pleasure it was to see the proud parents and their healthy, beautiful baby girl this weekend! Each of us may be facing a similar obstacle, and Pastor boldly challenged us to pray in faith for Jehovah Rapha to provide a miracle. The church should never doubt. He also advised us to surround ourselves with faithful followers and not naysayers. Finally, when the Lord does give us a miracle, we need to GO PUBLIC! The world wants us silenced, but we must give Him all the glory and honor. Who needs a touch from heaven?


Read Mark 5:25-42

1. Jairus was named in the story because he was an important synagogue officer. The woman is anonymous because she was a “nobody”. How does knowing that Jesus saved Jairus’s daughter as well as healed the woman affect you?

2. According to the Levitical law, the woman was ritually unclean and should not have been in the crowd, because if she had touched anyone, it would have made them unclean. What caused her to step out into the crowd and fight her way towards Jesus?

3. Discuss why people hesitate from taking their needs to the Lord.

4. Is anything impossible for God?

5. Why did Jesus ask who touched him?

6. What did Jesus call the woman? How does it make you feel that he sees us in the same way?

7. Do you think the people from Jairus’s house, who came to tell him that his daughter died, were faithful followers or naysayers?

8. What was Jesus’ response to the news?

9. How can these words encourage you when you are in the midst of a crisis?

10. Who did Jesus allow in the room with the daughter? Why do you think he limited the crowd in the room?

11. What did Jesus say about the commotion, and what was the crowds response? Do Christians face similar responses today? Share with your group a similar situation that you have experienced recently.

12. Jesus use the image of sleep to indicate that her condition was temporary and that she would be restored. How can we apply this to our life?


1. The story reveals the depth of Jesus Christ’s love and mercy. Jesus reaches out and helps anyone in need.

2. Faith

3. Fear- They may feel that their problems will keep them from God. Or lack of faith.

4. No. With God, all things are possible. (Mark 10:27)

5. He knew who touched Him, but He asked who did it in order to teach her something about faith. Jesus said her faith caused the cure. Her faith was timid and possibly even superstitious, because she thought that touching his garment would heal her. She boldly stepped out to get to the Savior. Jesus did not disappoint her. He honored her faith and healed her body, but eliciting her testimony caused her to look Jesus in the face, where she could see Him as her Savior and Friend. He healed her both physically and spiritually. Her testimony also gave Him the glory.

6. Daughter.

7. Naysayers.

8. He said to Jairus,”Do not be afraid any longer, only believe.”

9. They can provide hope and promise. Next time you are in the middle of a crisis, look at your problem from Jesus’ point of view. Remember, God’s delays are not always his denials.

10. Jesus limited the crowd to Peter, James, John, Jairus and the girl’s mother probably because he did not want to make a spectacle of His miracle.

11. “Why make a commotion and weep? The child has not died, but is asleep.” The crowd laughed at Him. The majority of the world thinks the truth about Jesus is ridiculous.

12. For the believer, the body rests in sleep until the moment of resurrection. The spirit does not sleep but leaves the body and goes to be with Christ. The body awaits the return of the Lord in the resurrection. Death is not the end- What an encouragement to all of us!