Turn Your Change Into Food

fpKIDS is on mission!  This past weekend we launched our Rice Bowls mission with kids 3 years to 5th grade.  You can read more about Rice Bowls here at ricebowls.org.

Ricebowls.org offers a great way to connect our kids to a life-changing endeavor… to feed the hungry.  Kids may not be able to grasp intangible ideas like giving, service or philanthropy, but they can grasp the idea of turning their change into food for someone that doesn’t have any.

How do we do this?
So glad you asked!  Last weekend all kids 3yrs to 5th grade went home with a plastic ‘bank’ that looks like a bowl of rice.  That’s your vessel to collect money.  Here’s what we invite you to do…

How can I help my kids grasp this?
There are many things you can do to help you kids understand that the way they live every day is not the norm for nearly 163 million kids across the globe.  In South Africa, one out of every four children under 5 years old has stunted growth, a consequence of malnutrition.

Consider serving only rice and water for dinner one night.  No meat, no bread and no dessert (insert frantic scream)!  First, use this as an opportunity to help your kids to understand that this is an abundant meal for one that isn’t sure where their next meal will come from.  Second, take the money you didn’t spend on meat, bread and dessert… and put it in your Rice Bowl!

How can I help make it better!
Great question!  Connect with Ricebowls.org on Twitter (@RiceBowlsorg) and on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/ricebowls) and follow all God is doing through this mission.  Celebrate the great moments God creates in your child with the Rice Bowl team by tagging your Facebook photos with to the Rice Bowls page.  (Tag fpKIDS and your photos will show up on our Facebook page too!)

Tweet your activities as you fill your bowls… tweet random quotes from your kids or your own personal 140 character epiphanies as God uses Rice Bowls to shift your paradigm.  Be sure to use Rice Bowls’ Twitter handle@RiceBowlsorg – each time you tweet.

More about Ricebowls.org
Ricebowls.org partners with 52 different orphanages that care for kids in areas such as Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Africa, India & the Philippines.  Read more about work in these countries here.

I look forward to hearing how God moves in your family.