Tools for your Parenting Toolbox

When raising kids in our home our goal is to create an environment that shows them how to connect in relationship with God and each other.  This is a highly imperfect journey and I’m always on the lookout for tools and resources to help.  Here is a list of a few resources to explore for yourself.

Music is a great way to add a fun element when you’re driving around in the car or when you’re hanging out at home.  We’ll often turn on music as we clean the house or fold laundry.  It’s not unusual for us to stop and dance or sing out loud as we work.  From preschoolers to tweens, here is a list of great sources for music your kids will love:
There are a few of online resources designed to provide great tidbits at your fingertips.  Here are a few worth your time:
  • Parent Connection – a weekly blog post and/or document you receive before and after each fpKIDS event.
  • FPC Family Ministry blog – members of our Family Ministry team actively blog throughout the week providing challenging insights, transparent moments and creative ideas for your family
  • Parent Cue App – Whether you carry an iPhone or Android, there’s an app for you.  The Parent Cue is a series of different activities, videos or conversation starters all based upon what your child learns every week if fpKIDS.  It’s a great mix of entertaining videos for your kids and great tools for you.
  • Parent Link Live – a monthly podcast found at – This podcast is hosted for parents by parents and is a great source of encouragement and focus.
  • – a blog filled with challenging insights into parenting from preschool to adulthood.
  • Words Kids Need to Hear – author David Staal offers very simple advice and guidance regarding the things our kids need to hear from us most.
  • Parenting Beyond Your Capacity – biological parent, step parent, grandparent, foster parent… no matter where you land if you have kids under 18 years old living in your home this is a MUST READ.
  • Legacy Path – a great book with practical guidance to identify the ways you can capitalize on the bigger moments of life to teach your child to follow Jesus