To Know and Be Known

(This post was written by Evan Crass, Associate Pastor of Groups)

Jeff and Becca’s story is not an uncommon one. That is, until they took what proved to be an extraordinary step towards becoming part of a larger family.

Their story includes elements of any classic love story: romance, conflict, and sacrifice.

They met while working together. Because their employer frowned on office dating, they did what they could to keep their relationship private.
Eventually, it came out in the open. And since weddings are not private affairs, one was transferred to another office.

Work played a huge part in the couple’s life. It determined their schedules, their friends, and their financial future.

Life was particularly difficult when their schedules weren’t in sync — with one person working early hours and the other working late hours. Even their time as a couple was dictated by work.

It is one thing to know the right answer. It is completely different to act. Jeff and Becca both knew they wanted something more.

After months of attending Faith Promise on the weekend, they took a step towards connecting with others like them. The price wasn’t cheap, either.

To be involved in a weekly group meant Becca had to take a demotion. There was no guarantee that they would find friends in this group. The cost was high, and the risk was real.

Jeff and Becca’s first group experience didn’t include a lot of talking by either of them. It wasn’t until dessert at the end of the evening that they began to share elements of their story.

It took weeks — and a lot more dessert — before they felt comfortable enough to share openly.

Today, Jeff and Becca are part of our larger family.

They are known by their new friends. And I am known by them. Because they took one extraordinary step, my life is richer.

And the story continues…

This past Sunday, Jeff and Becca welcomed Madelyn Grace into the world. Our family just got a little bigger.