There is a Desperate Need Among America’s At-Risk Children to be the “One-and-Only” in the Life of a Caring Adult.


In the hectic world we live in it can be difficult to find the time to volunteer on a regular basis. At Kids Hope, we ask our volunteer mentors to give one hour, one day a week, for one year. That commitment is one of the most important aspects of the mentor relationship because, for many of these kids, it is the only one-on-one attention they receive.

At first, this commitment can seem like an extensive obligation. However, as one of our mentors Rosamaria explains, the benefits of serving far outweigh the requirements.

“Volunteering at Kid’s Hope has been a blessing in so many ways. Initially, I thought that by being consistently there for my little one would make a difference in her life. Now I know that throughout this time, the Lord has used her to bless my life in so many ways.  The Lord is like that, He asks us to serve and He uses that venue to help us grow and to pour blessings into our lives.

I felt called to serve in this ministry one year before I started. Today I can only say that I wish I had started the day I first felt called to serve in this ministry.  Every week I look forward to meeting my little one. I trust that the Lord is using our time together to bless her life. I pray that my testimony will display His character and I cannot wait to see her become a beautiful young woman who loves Jesus with all her heart.”

There is a desperate need among America’s at-risk children to be the “one-and-only” in the life of a caring adult. This need for love can only be met one child at a time. Despite the business of daily life, there is always 1extra hour to make a difference in the life of a child. For more information on how you can impact a child, contact Holly at [email protected].