The Walking Debt Week 3 – Discussion Questions


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Tithing is a Biblical principle that only 20% follow.


Share about a time in your life when you sacrificed something (time, money, or talent) in the present to gain something in the future. Was it worth it?


The concept of tithing (giving back to God the first 10% of all of our income) can be seen throughout scripture, from Cain and Abel in Genesis to Jesus’ words on tithing in Matthew 23:23. Although there are numerous scriptures regarding money and tithing, statistically only 20% of Christians tithe. There is a disconnect between the truth we read in God’s word and the generosity (or lack of generosity) in our lives. Pastor Chris preached that his belief is that there are 2 main reasons that 80% don’t tithe: lack of faith and fear.


1. When did you first hear about tithing? Did you grow up in a traditional church and it was something that was always done, or was tithing a brand new concept when you became a Christian?

Read Leviticus 27:30

2. This verse claims that the tithe is holy. Have you ever thought about your tithe as being holy (sacred, set apart for God)?

3. Do you know where your money is going? Do you have a budget? If someone else manages the money in your house, do you know if your family is tithing?

Read Malachi 3:10

4. Pastor Chris shared that there are two marks of a covenant people: tithing and Sabbath. Why do you think these two things are so difficult to follow?

5. One of Satan’s greatest weapons is fear. What do you fear about giving?

6. Is a lack of faith in God’s provision (“if I give then maybe I won’t have enough”) causing you to withhold your tithe? Does the promise in Malachi 3:10 give you strength?

7. Can anyone share a story of how God provided during a past time of need?

8. What will it cost you to obey God financially? What might you have to sacrifice?


Leaders this discussion is not meant to induce guilt. Everyone starts somewhere, and our goal is for everyone to be growing closer to God and following Biblical principles in their own lives.

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