The View: I’m Broke

I’m Broke

1. The number of options we have is an example of how blessed we are. What types of choices do we, as average Americans, have which many people in the world do not have?

2. Our views on life should be framed by scripture. Pastor Chris stated the Word will give us an auto zoom so we are looking at the world through God’s view finder. Poverty has been a blind spot for the church in recent generations. What blind spots do we have? What has influenced you to create those blind spots? What does the Bible say about those blind spots?

3. Jesus met physical needs first and then met the spiritual needs of people He encountered. How we can do this? What is your group planning for Operation In As Much? How can this approach of meeting physical needs first be a part of your group’s activities? How can your group or our church as a whole move forward to meet spiritual needs?

Scripture verses:
Luke 19:41
Romans 12:1
Matthew 25
2 Corinthians 8:9