The View: Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

1. Christine Caine talked about three pairs of opposing ideas.

(1) “Doing” church v. “Being” the Church
(2) Having a passion v. Being obligated
(3) Freedom v. Safety

Discuss each of these ideas in relation to Christine’s message and your personal experience in these areas. Are you tired of doing church? Are you ready to be the church? For what are you passionate? Does your passion synch with God’s passion? Is your life a safe Christian life? Has God shown you where you need to get involved?

2. Christine talked about the three parables in Luke 15 – the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the prodigal son. Discuss these stories. Do any of these three stories describe you? Are you likely to get lost due to preoccupation, out of carelessness, or because you chose to go in a difference direction.

3. Can we go find some darkness? Where can you shine your light where it is dark?

Scripture verses:
Luke 15:8-32