The Ripple Effect of Love

MM1Today’s post is written by Rachel Holland. Rachel serves in fpKIDS, is a mom of two and has participated with her family 3 years in a row in the Monterrey mission team. This year, Rachel was integral to a very special moment we shared with a group of caregivers that live and work in the children’s home that we serve. Over the past few years, we’ve learned that our greatest impact is made through the caregiver. If we can serve, love and support the caregiver… then the kids receive better care and support. It’s a ripple effect. Here is Rachel’s story…

Caring for the caregivers of the orphanage was something that God had put on my heart since visiting Imperio De Amor (aka IDA) last year.  There is a large turnover in these positions because it’s very hard and stressful. The children come from hard places.  Life experience has taught them that they don’t matter (abuse) or they don’t exist (neglect).  These caregivers are filling a gap in the lives of these kids that is inherently difficult to trust. These caregivers need to know that people value and appreciate their work.  As I was praying for this mission trip, I wondered what we (Faith Promise Team) could provide them to show they are valued.

The week before leaving on our trip we received our final trip balance and we were shocked at how minimal the amount due was.  Could this be right?  After going over the donations and fundraising amounts, we confirmed the balance was correct.  I knew that my company was going to donate funds towards the cost of my trip.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I would use this money to purchase gifts for the caregivers.  My prayer had been answered.  God provided so many donations and we made so much fundraising that we could pay our trip balance ourselves and use the other funds towards gifts for the caregivers.

Our team brainstormed gift ideas and felt it would be wonderful to provide the male workers and the female workers spouse’s gifts as well.  We shopped for those gifts and were able to purchase gifts for all 38 workers and spouses.  We bought Bath & Body Work’s lotion for the women.  We bought a set that had a multi-use tool and a flashlight and compass for the men.  Once in Mexico, we wrapped and prepared the gifts for the men and women.  We placed bible verses that were important to each team member each of them.

The day had come at the orphanage where we were going to wash the feet of the women caregivers.  We spent time massaging shoulders, hands and feet and painting toenails.  We sang songs in English and Spanish together.  God was so present and showed us that worship is universal.  It was such a sweet time for all of us.  We gave each caregiver their gift at the end and they all were very appreciative and thankful.  At the end we gave some of the men workers that were present their gifts.  Their faces lit up and they seemed almost shocked that someone had thought of them.  They thanked us multiple times.  It made me realize that small things can make a big impact.  God’s love was being shown to one another as written in John 13:34-35.  We accomplished the goal we set out to achieve. To ensure each caregiver was noticed, appreciated and valued by God.