The Power of Summer Camp


School is coming to a close, and with that comes the lazy days of summer.  If your family is like ours, then you are definitely in the middle of planning for summer activities.  One powerful experience for teenagers is our Summer Beach Camp for all teenagers sixth through twelfth grade.  Here are the reasons why I think summer beach camp will be a powerful experience for your teen, and why you should sign them up today for this life changing experience.

Reason # 1There is Power in a Different Routine.  What do I mean by this?  For a full week, we will take your teenager  out of their normal day to day routine that they are used to.  A magical thing happens when we break out of the daily grind and place ourselves in a new situation and routine.  We are challenged to think differently about ourselves and about our lives.  For a week we will put your student into a routine that will challenge them to do some things differently that will help them grow closer to Christ.

Reason # 2:  There is Power in Focus:  It’s simple.  When we remove all the distractions that fight for our attention, it becomes easier to focus in on what matters most.  For a week, we will remove all TV, IPODS, cell phones, text messages, Facebook, and many other distractions.  Why do we do this?  Because when those things are gone, it becomes much easier to focus in on God and what He wants to do in our lives.  Not only will these distractions be gone, but they will be surrounded with godly men and women who are daily pouring God’s life changing truth into their hearts.  With these distractions gone, it will be much easier to be receptive of God’s truth that they need to hear.  During camp there will be a powerful focus on what matters most…God, and I know that your student will be powerfully changed because of this. 

Reason # 3:  There is Power in Concentration:  Have you ever used frozen concentrate to make Orange Juice before?  It’s some pretty potent stuff.  In fact one container of concentrate will make a lot of orange juice.  Now compare that to how much orange juice you can make with a simple glass of OJ.  It doesn’t make much.  It’s good, but it just does not go as far as the concentrate does.  The same is true of camp.  Weekly meeting together for a couple of hours is great, and students grow through these experiences, however when we take one week (a week that subsequently has the same number of hours in it as a full year of Wednesday night programming does) and focus twenty four hours a day with no distractions on what’s most important, a powerful impact is made on students.  It’s an impact that will last for months, even years to come.  Many of us can recall huge moments spiritually in our lives, and attribute those to things that happened in a camp style environment.  It’s the power of concentration.

 Six full days of nothing but Jesus, without distractions, in a different environment than your students are used, honed in and focused on what’s most important,  all add up to powerful life change.  I hope that your will see the value and power in the camp experience for your teen and that they will be a part of this life changing experience.  Space is limited, and you can get them registered here:  Simply select your campus, and go to the events page.  Look for the link that says “Sign Up Here”.