The Power of Prayer – Day 4

Today’s post is written by Jordyn Lindsey, a student in fpStudents. At 18 years old, Jordyn is a leader among her peers in fpStudents and a Small Group Leader in fpKids. Listen in and see the work God will do through this young adult and her friends…

With excitement to get our hands a little dirty, we arrived at LTP, also known as “The Promise Land” for the different variety of fruits that grow there. LTP is an acronym for La Tierra Prometida. This is a second Back2Back site to house two more TeenHope families with their house parents and students.

When we arrived, we were introduced to David, Veronica, Jose and Lorena, who were house parents of 6 boys. After touring both of their homes and admiring Jose’s paintings and even buying some of them, we broke up into three different groups which included: bathroom, kitchen, and prayer duty. I don’t know about the other girls, but cleaning isn’t my strong suit; however, praying is. We all made eye contact and headed over to the playground area to begin.

Before we started to pray, we brainstormed and bounced off ideas on how we could pray for their families and the impact that they could leave on the boys. Some of the things we prayed for were wisdom, strength, and understanding of the boys’ feelings for the parents. We also listed things for the boys like breaking the cycmexico 3le of poverty in their families, growing up to be the men of God He called them to be, having freedom from their past, and having unity among their families.

After we prayed, we took a moment before we had to leave to sit still and feel God’s presence. Looking back on my day, it reminded me how powerful we can be when two or more are gathered together in Jesus’ name anything is possible. (Matthew 18:19-20)