The Power of Our Choices

Have you ever really thought about the power that you choices have?  Our choices have tremendous power over our lives.  I believe that our choices have the power to shape and mold our lives.  I believe that the following principle is true for all our lives:  “The choices we make today will determine our destination tomorrow.”  How do you feel about that statement?  Does it seem right to you?  I have been trying my best this past week shake this principle and debunk it, but I have not been able to.  Think about it.  When is the last time you had a major deadline that you had to meet?  Let me ask you something.  What would happen if instead of setting aside time to work on the task that had to be done, instead of sitting through meetings that would give you the information necessary to accomplish the task, you chose to blow off any and everything that was associated to that task?  Would you meet your deadline?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  The reason why is because you made choices that lead you to a destination that was opposite of meeting the deadline. 

The same is true in all areas of our lives, with our marriage, our family, our walk with God, the activities we are involved in, our work, you name it, this principle holds true.  So let me ask you a simple question to ponder on today:  Where are the choices you are making today, taking you tomorrow?  Furthermore, are you satisfied with that destination, and is it a destination that would please God?  If the answer is no to those questions, then you will have to make some hard choices to stop choosing certain things that are leading you to the destination that you don’t want to be, and start making some choices that will inch you closer to the destination that you want to be at.  A great first step to making those choices could be to reach out to some trusted friends who can encourage, pray for, and help you adjust the choices you are making today, so that you can arrive at the destination you want to be at tomorrow. 

Praying for you on the journey!