The Last Thing

(This post was written by Michael Wallace, High School Pastor)

I recently read an article in Sports Illustrated where Green Bay Packers running back Ryan Grant was interviewed.  One of the questions he was asked was “Can you lobby for the ball in the huddle?”  There are two things I observed from his answer, the first of which is the last thing that he said.

His response was “absolutely” followed by a strategic explanation of when he makes his request.  He said, “There’s a little trick for all running backs.  After you break the huddle, you always let him know what route you’re running.  You know why you do that? Because that’s the last thing he is thinking about.”

There’s something to that, especially in the realm of student ministry.  We have the answer to the question the world keeps stumbling through – what’s the purpose of our lives? – so we must communicate in such a way that the message is received!  With the myriad of information flying at teenagers these days, the best way to get the important stuff through their filters is to either focus on VOLUME or TIMING.

If we can’t stand out as the loudest voice (which I am still willing to try), let’s make sure to communicate strategically.  As Grant implies, timing is huge in getting a message across.  I think about this every time we put together a service at Catalyst and every time I write a message for a teaching series.  What’s the LAST THING they are thinking as they leave?

In the Faith Promise High School Ministry, we recently adjusted our strategy on service planning to ensure that the last element is one on the “up-swing” for both energy and excellence.  Basically, students will leave the service thinking about the last thing the most…let’s make sure that it’s the image we want to represent Jesus!

What’s your “last thing”? What impact do you hope to leave in every area of your influence?