The Importance of Education

Tuesday morning we were introduced to a young man who reminded us of the importance they place on education in Haiti.  When you ask a classroom full of students in Haiti if they like school, the resounding answer from all of them is always yes.
Public schools are not easy to find in Haiti, and are often understaffed and unreliable. Even if you can find one, the distance to travel is often too far. For most, the only real option is private school, and many children do not attend due to lack of money. Those who do attend often skip multiple years due to lack of money.

Benjamin is 16 years old, and he wants to be an engineer. However, he is in the 2nd grade. In order to have the money to go to school, he goes to work at the market every day. He pushes a wheelbarrow and delivers things for people to earn money.  His teachers could not stop talking about him, and how incredibly proud they are of him.

Most children in his situation in Haiti would likely never make it past the 6th grade. I would not be surprised to see this young man go much farther.

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